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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mutual Love - I

 Mutual Love - I

The first time was 20 years ago on September 21st.
Far away from the City, at the residence of the Earl Village...

...in the inner most part of the beautiful garden that has one nipa hut.

Mutual Love: Prologue


Despite the passing of time...

Despite not being able to say it...

Mutual Love

Title: Mutual Love
Author: blackcat022
Status: On-Going
Genre(s): Short Story, Romance, Supernatural
Type: Tagalog-English Fictional Story

Two people divided by social class, 
meet in the same place once a year...

Mutual Love - II

Mutual Love - II

When I was 9 years old...

~Reina's POV~

I dressed up like a princess. Yeah, I'm a princess and I'm the only daughter of the Duke.

May celebration ulit sa Earl Village, at pababa na ako ngayon sa hagdan ng palasyo na pagmamay-ari ng mga Aquilon.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Princess Worth of Billions: Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

~Julian's POV~

I have to call Jeannelle before I go to work...
Jeannelle, are you there? Bakit di mo sinasagot ang tawag ko?


~Jeannelle's POV~

Become an Angel No.5254

Title: Become an Angel No.5254
Author: blackcat022
Status: On-Going
Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance, Teen Fiction
Type: Tagalog-English Fictional Story

Become an Angel No.5254: Characters Photos

"Become an Angel No.5254"


as Sarah Montañez

               Nam Gyuri
       Sarah Montañez

             Jung Ill Woo
          Richard Galvez

A Princess Worth of Billions

Title: A Princess Worth of Billions
Author: blackcat022
Status: On-Going
Genre(s): Romance, Teen Fiction, Mystery
Type: Tagalog-English Fictional Story

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Princess Worth of Billions: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

---Jeannelle's POV---

I was facing at the mirror and looking at myself...
That has placed a ribbon headband on my head. With a curly hair and a cute beaded pink sleeveless cocktail dress.

"This spring and summer is most in flowing curls look." sabi ng bakla na nag-ayos sa'kin.
"Finally she's presentable." my mom says.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Princess Worth of Billions: PROLOGUE


Jeannelle’s father is the owner of one of the largest media companies in Asia.

She is rich..
and popular...

and is considered a modern-day princess...